Founder >> Georgia Taylor
Pequeño = little in Spanish
HEART >>> we believe if you do everything with a little piece of your heart, it makes it whole. 
Pequeño Heart was birthed out of the love for travel, humans and creating things with hands. Connecting through creation and stimulating the right side of your brain is one of the most important things you can do yourself. 

From handmade to tripped owned gems, we want to bring these treasured pieces into your wardrobe and home to bring joy to your sweet, simple, beautiful life.

Forever inspired by the people we meet a long the way who are also creating, living freely, creatively + pursuing a life they love. 

Starting with handmade tassel earrings and a few other special pieces, we intend to grow slowly as we curate our favorite creations from friends, globe trotting and what other items inspire.
Our intention

With the impact we are leaving on our world as consumers, we have the tendency to constantly buy NEW and it's unsustainable. At Pequeño Heart it's our mission to work with creators who are sourcing their materials ethically and find loved treasures to recycle into your world. We have enough in this world to last us lifetimes, we intend on doing so with a little bit of h e a r t every step of the way <<>>