on creating space // the room edition

Creating space for yourself …




I’ve found that having all three are all essential parts for functioning on a daily basis.

Creating a physical space for yourself makes all the difference in leaving home, coming home and spending time in with yourself. I have always been a space creator. I used to love moving my room around, creating little corners of magic, changing my bed around, adding little pieces to the wall and overall just having a comforting environment to live in. Over the years I’ve stripped back my clutter and kept things simple, adding art where I see fit and decluttering every month as a way to start fresh.

The importance of having a space you like to spend time in can play a huge role in creativity and grounding. I love being able to roll my yoga mat out in the morning, open the windows and feel energetically aligned with myself and my space. I love not having to run to a yoga studio to get that grounding time I need. There’s little bits of inspiration pinned to my mirror as well as some familiar faces I love, plants for air and lots of neutral colors providing warmth and light. I also feel happy here crawling into bed on the occasional Sunday afternoon and reading, napping or writing. You could also find me spread across my bedroom floor with watercolors, needle and thread and scissors in hand.

Create a space where you can unwind. Be quiet with yourself to do creative projects without feeling guilt that you’re not outside playing, that’s important too but not always what’s needed.

My room consists of creations made friends .. favorite candles, ceramics made by hand, pink seashells found in the south island of New Zealand from a sweet man, triangle shelves made by myself and a dear friend in LA, all furniture was found and repurposed with the help of visitors, photos taken by friends and or myself, notes from distant loves and gem stones from many walks of life. My room is billowing in handmade creations from many people and creators I love and every piece in here is intentional. It took time to build this nest out but when I walk into this space I feel whole.

How to create your cozy space //

Hang art that inspires - pieces from travels that tell stories or a piece you bought on a random day that called to you.

Words of affirmation - from friends or yourself

Monthly intentions post to your mirror or wall - that you do every month

Plants for air and light, you can even talk to them

Keep things light - use whites, creams, neutral colors as your base and add color with art

Leave some room to spread out if you can

Keep it simple and if you’re going too something in, ask yourself if it has meaning to you, if not, it probably doesn’t belong there. Keep things that make you happy and take you down memory lane or inspire you to go out into the world with magic in your eyes.

I’ve always hand furniture in my room that I find and repurpose - strip paint and make it your own.

If you can do this for yourself, you’re stepping into making space in other parts of your life. It’s a big part of the process to taking to time, allowing for growth and being ok on your own.

A book that I love about the power of space and tidying is

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing

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Georgia Taylor